This is the act that impressed the producers of "America's Got Talent",
but was not allowed at the last minute due to music clearance issues.
This is Tom Bonham's highly unique signature act. A quick 2 minute act with 3 characters and Tom presenting
this Kurt Weill classic from the musical of the same name.
A little humor from "Mame" A different take on the story
of a down and out minstrel
show dancer and his dog.
This song is a declaration of living and refusing to grow old from "Pippin" The story of a New Orleans woman losing
her man to a Saint Louis Hussy.
Believe it or not
Tom Bonham can make a puppet
from the cookware aisle
of a local supermarket!
. . . or the cleaning supplies
aisle at Target!
A flyswatter, duster,
mini cooking tools, and
a humorous take
on Shakespeare
The ultimately minimalistic puppet.
Who would believe a dish mop
would take offense at an insult.
It is after all, just a dish mop.
What started out as a joke in an internet chatroom
turns into a moving piece of theater with "The Seven Ages of Man".

70 year old, master puppeteer draws upon his 60 years of performing to present a wide variety of Broadway musical characters and humorous takes on Shakespearian solilioqies.   Music is pre-recorded, but Tom Bonham creates and sings character voices live.  (Note: For technical reasons, some acts may be omitted in presentations.  Please indicate at time of booking if booking decision was made in contemplation of certain acts.)  This show is often combined with "Puppet Show for a Kitten", and "Ol' Man River" and "Saint Louis Blues" from "Puppet Pareidolia"  for a more full length performances

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